2 Motorcycle Safety Tips for First-Time Riders

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Motorcycling is a fantastic way to travel. Every time you hit the road, you get a rush you simply can’t find in the driver’s seat of a car. However, that rush comes with risks. As with any other vehicle, you must stay safe, smart, and responsible when you ride a motorcycle. Riding recklessly puts yourself and other drivers in danger. Arrive safely and stylishly with these two motorcycle safety tips for first-time riders.

Wear the Appropriate Protective Gear

There are no ifs, ands, or buts to this rule. When you purchase your motorcycle, you must also purchase all the appropriate safety gear. These include a helmet, eye protection, a leather jacket, and pants with pads. You also need sturdy boots with non-skid soles. Finally, get a pair of sturdy yet dexterous riding gloves to protect your hands and help you keep a solid grip. This gear protects you if you get in an accident. You should also invest in reflective strips or tape to put on your gear and bike for nighttime rides. Once you have this gear, wear it every single time you ride, even when it’s hot or uncomfortable. If you can’t wear your protective gear, you shouldn’t be out riding.

The Rules of the Road Still Apply

Any time you take a vehicle on the road, you need to obey all traffic laws. You’re particularly vulnerable when you ride a motorcycle compared to driving in a car or truck. Obey the speed limit, and respect your fellow drivers. Always ride defensively. Be alert and pay attention to everything around you—especially when other drivers don’t show the same awareness. Finally, riding sober is one of the crucial motorcycle safety tips for first-time riders. The consequences of motorcycle DUIs can impact your life for years to come. Save yourself the trouble and stay safe on the road by staying sober or finding an alternative way home.

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