3 Tips To Help Your Loved One Age in Place

3 Tips To Help Your Loved One Age in Place

For many seniors, aging in place is the ideal way to spend their later years. Aging brings many life changes. One’s social network, daily routine, and healthcare services might change. Remaining in one’s home offers familiarity amid even the most tumultuous stages of life. There are many physical, emotional, and social benefits to aging in place, including maintaining a sense of independence and preserving one’s comfortable daily routine. To make it a viable option, seniors and their loved ones must ensure their home meets their needs. This means creating a safe, healthy environment and scheduling at-home medical care when necessary. Learn more with these tips to help your loved one age in place.

Create the Perfect Space

Make sure the home is safe and secure—and will continue to be as your loved one gets older. Turn a critical eye on the layout of the home. How often must they go up and down stairs each day? Are there any tripping hazards—such as loose cords or carpet—that can cause a fall? How accessible are certain areas of the house, such as the bathroom, refrigerator, or thermostat? The right upgrades can make any house safer for an aging senior. Handrails and grab bars help eliminate falls. You can also install security systems, personal emergency response systems, or other technology that helps seniors live both safely and independently.

Help Them Maintain a Social Life

A senior’s independence shouldn’t lead to isolation. A social life is key to avoiding loneliness and leading a full and happy life as they age. One of the best tips to help your loved one age in place is to encourage them to connect to their social network. Regular visits from friends and family are always a good idea. You can also plan social outings like going to a restaurant, shopping, or visiting a local park. Hobbies are another idea for hanging out with old friends or meeting new ones. Help your loved one look for book clubs, game nights, and other fun activities in their community.

Choose the Right Healthcare Options

Growing older often means an increase in medications and medical treatments. From daily prescriptions to intensive care plans, you must stay on top of their healthcare needs. If your loved one wants to age in place, you must be proactive about the type of medical care they receive. Even if they don’t need intensive treatments now, you should have a plan for the kind of care they’ll need in the future. Options like telehealth or at-home visits allow healthcare providers to come to your loved one so they can continue to live comfortably at home. You can also look into home health aides to help with daily activities such as chores, meals, and medications. Work with your loved one to make these and other important healthcare decisions. With their choices in mind, you can continue to do what’s right for them as they grow older at home.


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