4 Simple Remedies To Get Rid of Constipation

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4 Simple Remedies To Get Rid of Constipation

You’ll need ways to make the blockage pass when you feel the cramps in your stomach from constipation. If you don’t want to take over-the-counter medicine, some home remedies can give you the relief you need. Continue reading to learn more about these home remedies to get rid of constipation.

Drink Coffee With Sugar

The caffeine in coffee speeds up the bloodstream and causes different muscles to activate in the body. The increased blood flow will stimulate the muscles in the stomach and around the colon to help the stool pass. Add sugar to the coffee to stimulate the body’s production of water and electrolytes. The fluid will help loosen the stool and make it easier to pass, resulting in less strain when you go to the bathroom.

Perform Mild Exercise

Like caffeine, exercise quickens your blood flow and creates the urge to get to the bathroom. When your kidneys produce adrenaline, the chemical causes spasms throughout the body to make you feel more prepared for danger. The spasms in your gut and digestive system will gradually move the stool and make you want to go to the bathroom.

The movement of the workout will also move the stool while it sits in your digestive tract and potentially cause it to come loose and pass more easily. Mild exercises such as squats, stair climbers, and even dancing are doable almost anywhere, making them great home remedies for constipation.

Consistently Drink Water

Loosening the stool by softening it is one of the easiest ways to pass it, and water is an effective softener. Drink water whenever possible to have enough fluids in your system to loosen the stool.

Drinking water is also one of the best ways to take homeopathic medicines for constipation, such as silica or alumina. Keep water nearby as the stool begins to move, and take breaks when you feel full to prevent overhydration.

Eat Prunes

Prunes are some of the best natural remedies for constipation because of the sugar alcohols that produce large amounts of fluid in the stomach. Eat handfuls of prunes to help you loosen the stool and help it pass. Prunes are also rich in fiber, which is essential to regular, healthy bowel movements.

Constipation is a nuisance and can prevent you from living comfortably. Use these simple home remedies to get rid of constipation and help your body feel at ease.

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