5 Exciting Adult Birthday Party Games To Play

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5 Exciting Adult Birthday Party Games To Play

Whether you’re celebrating someone’s 21st birthday or their 50th, the goal is to allow your guests to have fun and let loose. In between eating and socializing, having exciting birthday party games for adults to play is an excellent way to have a good time.

So let’s see what games can make your party even better. From hosting a treasure hunt to playing charades, you’ll have a fantastic party that your guests will never forget.

Telephone Pictionary

The premise of Telephone Pictionary is simple; every person playing needs to have as many pieces of paper as people playing; if you have eight people playing, you should have eight pieces of paper. Without anyone seeing, write either a word or phrase onto the paper, then pass the stack of papers clockwise. The following person looks at the word or phrase, folds the paper to hide it, and draws their interpretation of the word or phrase.

Once everyone finishes, pass the paper clockwise again. The following person will then look at the drawing, fold the paper to cover it up, and write a phrase they think it’s interpreting. Keep going until the papers have made a complete circle. At the end of the game, flip through your results, and you’ll bellow in laughter.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunts are exciting and fun adult birthday party games that allow you to get up and move around. You can do a treasure hunt in various ways, such as scavenger hunts and themed hunts.

To keep the excitement up, you can also incorporate small gifts into your treasure hunts, such as miniature candles and tin games. It provides hours of fun for everyone participating.

Would You Rather?

Would You Rather is a fun game about choosing between two challenging situations. For example, you can ask a party guest if they’d rather jump into a pile of snakes or not shower for a whole month.

Chaos and hilarity will ensue as each guest tries to decide between a less stressful option. Additionally, you’ll get to know your guests on a deeper level, creating hilarious situations that you’ll never forget.


Charades is a classic, reliable game that everyone can play. Each participant will write down movies, people, shows, concepts, and more to act out, then divide them into teams.

Under a time limit, one team member will act out a prompt from the assortment of options, and their teammates will guess what they’re trying to convey. You can add scoring systems, silence rules, and more to make the game more exciting.


It’s an easy concept to follow; accomplish complex tasks in under a minute without messing up. It’s an exciting, hilarious, and heart-pumping activity that anyone can participate in. To keep your party-goers ready and occupied, you can find many minute-long games, such as Shamrock Shake, Face the Cookie, and others.

Having fun party games for your guests to enjoy will leave you with fun memories and inspiration for your next event. Before you know it, you’ll be the birthday party expert.

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