5 Rules To Post in Your On-Site Laundry Room

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5 Rules To Post in Your On-Site Laundry Room

As with any kind of public space, it can be hard to keep your on-site laundry room clean. As a property owner, it’s important that you keep laundry rooms clean so that your tenants stay happy. A messy room can also mean that people are misusing the machines, which will cause maintenance issues. Discover five rules to post in your on-site laundry room to cut down on repairs and messes.

No Dying or Tanning Clothes

If you think that it’s not necessary to post laundry room rules because people will use common sense, you’re wrong. Spell out what people can use your machines for, or else you could end up with some disastrous messes to clean up. Believe it or not, that includes people trying to dye clothing and tan leather in your machines.

Don’t Leave Your Laundry Unattended

This rule has to be the single most important one, so make sure you post it for all to see. The biggest problem with public laundry rooms is people leaving their clothes and not returning to take them out once the cycle has finished. It’s a good idea to include a sentence explaining that other tenants can remove your clothes from the machine if you’ve been gone for 20 minutes or more.

No Overstuffing the Machines

Most tenants have no idea that if you overstuff a laundry machine, that makes the machine less effective at cleaning clothes. However, property owners should post this rule because overstuffing also leads to more maintenance problems with appliances. Replacing machines because tenants abuse them is one of the hidden costs of maintaining laundry services, so share this rule to avoid machine abuse.

Clean Up Your Own Mess

Some people need a parental nudge to clean up after themselves. Whether it’s detergent spills, food wrappers, or dryer sheets, everyone should clean up their own mess. Having the rule posted will remind people that no one else is there to tackle the mess.

Use Bleach Sparingly

If you’ve ever lived in a dorm or apartment, you’ve probably lost a shirt or two to bleach residue in the laundry room. Lots of people use bleach to whiten and disinfect their laundry, but using too much can ruin the next person’s load. A gentle reminder to keep bleach use to a minimum helps everyone.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these five rules to post in your on-site laundry room. Setting clear expectations will help keep your property looking nice.

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