5 Things to Put on Your Anniversary To-Do List

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Planning for your anniversary is almost as fun as the event itself. There’s something special about preparing to celebrate your special day with the one you love most in this world. We want to help you get started with your planning, which is why we created an anniversary to-do list.

1. Book in Advance

If you choose to go out to a spa or restaurant, you want to book your appointments as early as possible. A lot of details will have to go into your schedule, and timing is everything. Booking in advance will help ensure you’ll get the exact time you want for any events.

2. Get the Perfect Gift

Big or small, a sentimental gift is the traditional way to commemorate a milestone with someone. You want to choose the proper anniversary gift, so you’ll need to put a lot of thought into it. If you have a hard time deciding on how to best represent your affection, consider choosing a traditional gift that symbolizes dedication.

3. Do Something New

Your anniversary isn’t just about celebrating your past with your partner; you’ll celebrate the future as well. We think a good way to do this is to start something new on your anniversary. Try a new kind of food, or take up a hobby together. No matter what you decide, it’s important to experience new things with your better half.

4. Remake Your Wedding Cake

If it’s a wedding anniversary you will celebrate, consider having a cake made in the same flavor as the one you had on your big day. As you and your partner share this, you’ll remember how you felt on the day you were married. This provides a perfect way to keep the excitement of your relationship alive.

5. Recap Your Year

As you prepare for your anniversary, take the time to look back on the past year you and your partner spent together. After all, this is the time meant to celebrate another year well spent. Encourage your partner to reflect on the latest year, and think about the memories you created together.

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