5 Ways To Cover Up Several Household Eyesores

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5 Ways To Cover Up Several Household Eyesores

Some household objects, no matter how useful or indispensable they are, look ugly. In this case, eyesores refer to things, devices, or tools that do their jobs thanklessly but manage to do it in an unsightly way. Fortunately, there are many easy methods to stow, cover up, and otherwise hide them. Here are five ways to cover up several household eyesores.

Hiding Utilities

Generally, you can’t or don’t want to live without electricity, plumbing, cable TV, and heating and air conditioning systems. Unfortunately, even the most modern-looking models tend to take up physical and visual space outside and around your house. Luckily, you can easily hide most of these. You can cover your HVAC system and outdoor condensers with fences, crates, or screens. Just make sure you can remove them to clean or maintain the utility.

Covering Cords

So much is wireless now, but we have yet to “cut” all the cords in our lives. You can bundle up extension cords, surge protectors, and other wiring and stow them away behind and below furniture using tape, Velcro, or screws and holders. Installing a basket or box with a hole at the bottom is another charming way to hide cords without losing functionality.

Repurpose Furniture

If you like to work with your hands, you can redesign modular and ready-to-assemble furniture to hide cords, routers, blankets, and other items you don’t want laying around the room. Create a false front that slides or opens up, or add a removable same-colored screen that hides computer equipment yet still provides access when needed.

Going Green

As far as redecorating your home goes, plants have few negatives. You can use hanging plants, planters, planter boxes, and spreading indoor trees to cover up exposed pipes, utility boxes, and imperfections on your walls. Plants also look great, provide color, and keep the air in your home fresher.

Stick ‘Em Up!

Here’s one more of our five ways to cover up several household eyesores. Decorate mini splits, air conditioning vents, and similar elements in the walls and floors by painting them or camouflaging them with decals and stickers. Get creative! It’s fairly easy to turn even the dullest and most utilitarian things into eye-popping art by incorporating a little color and decoration.

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