Changes That Will Improve Your Vehicle’s Engine Acceleration

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Changes That Will Improve Your Vehicle’s Engine Acceleration

Are you looking to give your high-performance vehicle an acceleration and horsepower boost? Below, you’ll find some simple changes practically any driver can make to improve their vehicle’s engine acceleration!

Installing a Cold Air Intake

Adding a cold air intake system is a simple but effective strategy for boosting your vehicle’s performance. A cold air intake straightens the air path to the engine, reaching it more quickly while also providing cooler air for engine combustion.

Cooler air is better for engine performance because it’s denser and more oxygen rich, creating cleaner and stronger combustion and immediate improvement in torque and acceleration. Plus, a cold air intake improves your car’s fuel economy, so it’s a win-win for drivers.

Upgrading the Flywheel

If you have a high-performance car with a manual transmission, the flywheel assembly is a good area to upgrade to improve performance. The flywheel is the mechanical connection between your vehicle’s engine and transmission. A high-quality lightweight flywheel will ensure your preserve momentum with smooth and easy gear shifts.

A lightweight flywheel is worth the upgrade because it spins faster and more freely than a dual-mass flywheel due to its rotation weight. The faster speed of the flywheel means more RPMs and a horsepower boost for the vehicle.

Using a Synthetic Lubricant and Additive

Using a synthetic lubricant and additive is another simple change that will improve your vehicle’s engine acceleration. If your vehicle has conventional motor oil, consider switching it to this for better performance and durability.

The chemical structure of synthetic lubricants makes them much better for longevity and durability than conventional motor oil. Plus, a performance additive to the lubricant will help reduce engine friction so the engine can run harder for longer to maximize performance.

Installing a Forced Induction

Forced induction, also known as supercharging or turbocharging a vehicle, is another quick way to give your vehicle a performance boost by adjusting the air the engine receives. Basically, forced induction connects to your engine’s crankshaft and turns while the engine runs to push more air forcefully into the motor.

As discussed with the cold air intake, the air is critical to engine performance, and with more air pushed into the engine, it’ll perform better with greater horsepower and acceleration. The size of the engine and supercharger will determine how much performance it adds. But it’s common for forced induction to contribute as much as 100 horsepower to a high-performance vehicle!

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