Clever Ways to Use Zip Top Bags Around the Home

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From storing small items to keeping food fresh, Ziplock, or zip top, bags are an essential product for many household needs. As such, they come in several sizes and types to best suit each possible use you could have for them. However, their versatility doesn’t just allow them to fill conventional needs. In fact, it’s this trait that also allows you to be creative with how you want to use them around your home. These are a few clever and surprisingly effective ways to use zip top bags.

Activity Kits for Kids

When kids are bored, they have a way of letting the entire family know it. Fortunately, you can use plastic zip top bags to create little activity kits to keep them occupied. Best of all—it’s a cheap investment to make. Simply fill the bags with small art utensils, puzzle pieces, and toys to provide them with hours of creative entertainment. You could even get in on the fun yourself with crafts of your own.

Frosting Pipers

You don’t need to go out and buy specialized piping to get that perfect frosting swirl on your cupcakes. You can get results just as good by filling a zip top bag and cutting off one of the corners to dispense the frosting. Not only does this provide you with a similar product, but it also makes the piping process easier by securing the frosting cleanly inside the bag.

Homemade Icepacks

When someone gets hurt, there often isn’t time to rush to the store and pick up icepacks. So as an effective alternative, you could always fill a zip top bag with ice and use it to ease the pain. However, it’s important to remember that, as with a standard icepack, you should always wrap the compress in a towel to avoid direct contact with the skin.

Cleaning Gloves

Just because you’re out of rubber gloves, it doesn’t mean that you can’t safely clean the high traffic areas of your home. Plastic zip top bags are also a great way to keep your hands from being exposed to harmful cleaning solutions such as bleach or lime dissolvent. With this extra layer of protection, you can tackle any cleaning project without worry to ensure a clean and happy environment.

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