Common Causes of Water Damage Around Your Home

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Water doesn’t seem like much of a threat on the surface, which is why its damages in the home are so shocking. Water can do a lot of damage when it contacts vulnerable areas of your home, such as the foundation and other tight spaces. To prepare as a homeowner, you need to know where to look for these issues. Keep reading for some of the common causes of water damage around your home so that you can prepare.

Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems are some of the most common water damage issues for any home. Some common plumbing issues that affect almost all homes at one point include:

  • Overflowing bathtubs or toilets
  • Leaking pipes
  • Condensation on pipes
  • Water pressure issues
  • Clogged drains
  • Plumbing system damage

Most plumbing accidents can lead to leaks, resulting in water seeping into your floors, walls, and other surfaces. Luckily, you can fix these plumbing issues by calling your local plumbing service. If the water damage was heavy enough, you might want to reach out to a local restoration service as well.

Clogged Gutters

As we reach the end of summer and transition into the fall season, it’s more important than ever to remember to clean out your home’s gutters, as clogged gutters can damage your home. Falling leaves and other debris can collect in gutters or drainage pipes and redirect water runoff from rain. This runoff can overflow from your gutters or damaged drainage pipes and collect around your home’s foundation. This could lead to water leaking into your foundation and causing structural damage. Always keep an eye on your gutters, especially in the fall.


Appliances can also cause some nasty water damage around the home. As they age, appliances can experience leaks and plumbing issues. Washing machines are notorious for flooding basements and laundry rooms due to overflows or leaks. Watch out for aging air conditioning units as well, as condensation can collect around the unit and pool, causing water damage. Make sure to inspect your appliances as they age.

Extreme Weather

Finally, extreme weather is another common cause of water damage. While you can prevent the other examples, extreme weather like heavy rain, floods, hurricanes, and more are unavoidable. However, you can take some steps to minimize the damages, such as placing sandbags or storing your valuables in a safe location.

Now that you know the common causes of water damage around your home, you can monitor these areas and prevent damages when possible.

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