Common Mistakes That Hurt Your Car’s Resale Value

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Common Mistakes That Hurt Your Car’s Resale Value

As much as we love our cars, there comes the point where we may want to sell or trade them in for something new. If you want to ensure you get good value for your vehicle, avoid these common mistakes that hurt your car’s resale value.

Neglecting Regular Maintenance

The first mistake is one of the most common and detrimental mistakes people make regarding resale value. No matter how busy you get, don’t neglect the regular maintenance your car needs to last longer and perform better. The most common types of maintenance cars need, such as oil changes, air filter replacements, tire rotations, and refilling fluids, are also the most important.

Simply put, no one wants to buy a neglected car because it probably doesn’t run as well as it should and is likely to break down quicker. Get your oil changed on time and keep your car’s resale value high.

Losing Maintenance and Repair Documentation

Next to neglecting your car’s maintenance schedule, one of the worst things you can do is throw out or lose the documentation for your car’s maintenance and repairs. If your vehicle has undergone an expensive repair or parts replacement, you should always keep the receipts from the service.

Documentation provides proof of the repairs and services you say your vehicle has undergone. It also gives the new owner contact with a mechanic who has experience with the car should they run into problems.

Going Overboard on Personalization and Modifications

Our cars are reflections of ourselves, so we naturally want to customize them to make them our own. It’s OK to personalize, but be careful about what you’re customizing to avoid hurting your vehicle’s resale value. Gaudy exterior colors, bumper stickers, and tinted windows are examples of modifications that you may enjoy but won’t appeal to others.

There’s nothing wrong with personalizing your car. However, you should remember that every customization comes with the risk that you’re cutting into your vehicle’s future marketability.

Ignoring the Interior

The interior is where we spend most of our time with our cars, so be sure to take proper care of it. It doesn’t always have to be squeaky clean, but if you neglect the interior long enough, stains and odors can accumulate that you don’t notice but will be evident to others. It’s not enough to clean the vehicle right before putting it on the market; keep the interior clean, and its resale value will reliably remain strong.

Selling your car can be tricky, as even the slightest flaws can make the difference between getting good value on your vehicle and feeling like you ended up fleeced. Avoid these common mistakes that hurt your car’s resale value, and you’ll give your vehicle a good chance at selling at a reasonable price down the road.

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