Common Summer Lawn Problems and Solutions

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Common Summer Lawn Problems and Solutions

All homeowners want to have thick, lush, green yards. We envy the neighbors who seem to have perfectly manicured lawns. There are common summer lawn problems homeowners face, and we’ve got the solutions to help you out. Continue reading to explore these issues and solutions to fix up your yard.

White Grubs

Grubs live in the soil and feast on your grassroots. They have a milky-white appearance, and you’ll commonly find them curled to look like the letter C. If there’s a significant population of them, they’ll turn your lush, green grass brown.

In the fall, you may notice a brown, dull, and sparse-looking yard. More armadillos, skunks, and gophers will appear in your yard. They like to eat the grubs.

So, how do you get rid of them? This problem could be more significant than laying down a pesticide or insecticide. Pull up a brown area patch and check how many grubs you see. If it’s less than 15, your lawn could recover independently. If it’s more, you’re better off calling a professional.

Brown Lawn

Our lawns undergo a lot of stress in the summer. The heat of the sun and the lack of rain can cause the grass to turn brown. The grass will stop growing and turn this color to let homeowners know it needs a drink.

There are ways to prevent your lawn from becoming heat stressed, but if the brown patches are already appearing, you can reverse them. Ensure your grass receives an inch of water each week, whether from rainwater or the hose. You want to water deeply, not frequently. Watering in the morning before the sun rises is the best time. Your yard can soak up the water adequately, and the sun will evaporate the leftover moisture to avoid other lawn issues.


Dandelions are perennial weeds that thrive on thin, under-fertilized lawns. And timing is essential when getting rid of dandelions from your yard. You need to pull them before the flowers mature and begin to spread seeds.

Use a specialized tool to remove each dandelion from the ground. The device will effectively remove the entire weed. A post-emergence herbicide will work efficiently to control the weed without harming the established grass. Lay this during the fall to target the weeds during the winter.

Knowing about these common summer lawn problems can help you prevent them in the future. You’ll also have an easier time tackling the issue immediately because you understand what’s happening to your yard.

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