Common Summer Vehicle Issues To Know

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As we head into the beautiful summer season, we must not forget that warm weather can damage some of our prized possessions. Whether it’s through the mold in your crawl space to the bees in your garage, summer can bring all sorts of problems. Your vehicle is no exception. But if you internalize these common summer vehicle issues to know and plan for their arrival, you should be able to avoid the worst of the damage.

Tire Bursts

Tires respond poorly to frequent fluctuations in temperature. When the days are hot and the nights are cold during the summer, tires don’t achieve their correct pressure and often become worn down. These are prime conditions for a blowout. To combat this problem, look at your tire pressure at least once a week and make sure it adheres to what the manufacturer recommends.

Weak Battery

Vehicle batteries work much harder in the summer to maintain an overheated engine and other accessories. When one component of the battery malfunctions, its efficiency diminishes. In turn, your truck might have difficulty starting. If you hear no sounds or see no interior lights when you turn the ignition key, this is a sign you have a weak battery. Avoid these issues by ensuring no plastic components can obstruct the flow of air to the battery. If you suspect a problem, you should go to a mechanic so they can check it and fix any issues.

Worn Wiper Blades

During the rainy periods in spring and summer, your wiper blades will get extra use. Over time, the blades will become damaged from the wear and tear, causing a buildup of dirt under the nicks on the blades’ edges. Before this leads to scratches on your windshield, be proactive and replace them.

Broken Drive Belt

One of the most common summer vehicle issues to know is a broken drive belt. All drivers must work to eliminate problems with their drive belts. Drive belts power a vehicle’s engine accessories, meaning its air conditioning system, alternator, and power steering. Under the summer heat, drive belts can break, causing their components to fail. Before the hot weather arrives in full force, it might be time to change your drive belt.

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