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Comparing Different Types of Metal-Cutting Methods

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Comparing Different Types of Metal-Cutting Methods

Metal cutting is an essential process in a variety of industries and remains one of the most important components of the metal fabrication process. While there are several methods for cutting metal available, it’s critical to understand the differences so that you know which processes are best for what applications. Read on for a comparison of different types of metal-cutting methods.

Saw Cutting

Saw cutting is a process that works just as it sounds. A blade with teeth (just like a circular saw you may have in your home garage) slices through metal to make quick cuts. You can complete this process manually or with a dedicated machine. People typically use it to cut metal plates and sheets. It’s an affordable process but cannot cut thick metal and creates a rough edge that requires further processing to finish.

Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting uses a plasma torch that operates at extremely high temperatures to cut metal. Unlike saw cutting, plasma cutting can slice through metal at a wide range of thicknesses and even cut metal into unique shapes. It’s another affordable process that doesn’t produce much waste, but it will create a rough edge similar to saw cutting.

Additionally, while you can use plasma cutting to create complex shapes, it isn’t a viable option if you want to create intricate details.

Laser Cutting

Finally, laser cutting is a method that uses a high-powered laser to cut metal by melting it. There’s a limit to the thickness of metal that lasers can cut, but this is the best option for cutting intricate designs and unique shapes. Laser cutting produces clean cuts and causes very little waste, but it’s a slightly more expensive option than others. While it costs more, the benefits of laser cutting to your business are quite significant, so it’s always worth considering!

Now that you’ve read this comparison of different types of metal-cutting methods, remember that the best option is the method that addresses your specific needs. Look over the cuts you need to make and decide which option is optimal for your requirements.

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