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Dear Dave,

I need your advice. I just accepted a new job in a field I love three weeks ago. Yesterday, I was recruited and offered a position by a huge company for the same kind of position, and they pay more than twice what I’m making now. I did not send in a resume, or fill out an application for the job that was just offered. They came directly to me, and it was a huge surprise. I don’t have a contract with my current employer, but they are good people and I want to handle things well and do the right thing. Can you help?

Dear Jenny,
Long story short, I think you take the new job. Now, how do you handle this with your present employer? With total honesty, respect and a lot of gratitude. Walk into your boss’s office, and lay out the whole situation truthfully. Let them know what has happened, how it happened, and while you feel awful about how things worked out, you had no intention of misleading them or causing problems. On top of all that, promise to do everything possible to make the transition as easy as you can. In uncomfortable scenarios, it’s always a good idea to try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Let’s pretend you own a business, and you just hired a young lady. A few weeks later, someone comes in, completely out of the blue, and offers her more than double what she’s making with you. I can tell you what would happen at my company. I’d tell her to take it. I’m serious. I mean, as an employer I’m certainly not going to double her income that quickly. And while I’d be surprised, and a little disappointed, I’d be happy she has the chance to take such a big step up.
If an organization cares about its people, and one of those team members has the opportunity to significantly increase their income—and they’re not breaking a contract or promise in the process—this type of scenario is perfectly reasonable, even if it’s a little inconvenient for the current employer in the short term. I know it’ll be uncomfortable for you, Jenny, but they can’t realistically expect you to pass up a chance to do what you love at doubleplus what you’re making now. Congratulations!
— Dave

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