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I’m writing to bring to the attention of you and your readers a situation that I believe affects us all. I am referring to an ongoing problem that I am having with the Ridgely City Hall, and the ground keeping services of the New Haven Cemetery for the last five months. A family member passed in June of 2022. In August, I noticed a very large hole at the gravestone. I went to City Hall and reported it. I was told they would inform the caretaker, Mr. William McDonald. On September 17, 2022, I called City Hall and told them the problem still wasn’t fixed. They said they would handle it. On October 17, 2022 I took pictures and measured the hole. I put a metal rod with cotton on top and marked the hole so they could see it. I then went to City Hall to show them the pictures and that a small child could fall in it. They again said they would take care of it. November 2022 my husband told them over the phone that he was going to the newspaper if it wasn’t fixed right away. They assured it would be fixed soon. December 20, 2022 my husband and I went to City Hall with more pictures. The lady behind the counter did not want to see them. And when I told her a small child could fall in and be hurt she said “a child has no reason to be in a cemetery anyway.” Another lady, “Miss Brown” came from an office and had overheard us and called the caretaker and told them the marker number etc. She then told us the problem would be taken care of that afternoon or the next day at the latest. December 28th, 2022 we returned to New Haven Cemetery and they hole was still there – nothing had been done. The marker I put in the hole was still there too. I believe your readers should know where their money is going. I also believe this is being disrespectful to the ones deceased and their loved ones. When we pay for their burial site to be kept honored. When we see a safety hazard, we should report it and expect once we do report it to be fixed so no one will be hurt and they don’t have to be held accountable.

Thank you, Jean DeShields.

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