Dinosaurs That Thrived in Sub-Zero Temperatures

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Dinosaurs That Thrived in Sub-Zero Temperatures

While there is a plethora of evidence to support the fact, it’s still so astonishing that dinosaurs are real creatures that existed on this Earth. There are countless films depicting these terrifying creatures. Unfortunately, many of those films tend to present dinosaurs living in moderate to warm climates. That’s why it may come as a shock to many, but dinosaurs lived in a range of temperatures, even freezing ones. Find out more about some of the dinosaurs that thrived in sub-zero temperatures.


The Edmontosaurus is one of the many duck-billed dinosaurs that scientists found in the Arctic. They discovered this dinosaur in a number of climates and regions, from Colorado to Asia. Their discovery in the Arctic suggests that the Edmontosaurus are generalists, meaning they can adapt to changing environments and conditions. That’s likely why many paleontologists refer to this dinosaur as the “caribou of the Cretaceous.”


Many assume that the Earth was quite hot during the Mesozoic era, but that’s not entirely true. So, what was Earth’s environment like in the Mesozoic era?For one, the Arctic regions were generally warmer but not by much, making it a place that was still quite cold.

That’s why it was a shock to paleontologists when they discovered the bones of a Troodon in Antarctica. Before these interesting discoveries, many believed dinosaurs were cold-blooded animals. However, a dinosaur would have to be warm-blooded to withstand such frigid temperatures. That’s why this discovery was so momentous, as it helped support the theory that dinosaurs were warm-blooded.


The Hadrosauridae is one of the most common dinosaurs that thrived in sub-zero temperatures. How did dinosaurs survive and thrive in this weather? Studies suggest that seasonal changes caused these creatures to adjust their eating habits.

As such, they would build up fat and muscle during the summer, so they could endure the inevitable freezing climate of the Arctic. The most interesting part about this discovery is that paleontologists can gather these findings by observing fossilized bones. Lean winters show slower bone growth, whereas luscious summers show greater bone growth.

It’s incredible to think that dinosaurs once roamed the Earth in various regions, not just tropical ones. Which sub-zero climate-dwelling dinosaur astonished you the most?

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