Essential Skills You Should Have as a Nanny

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Essential Skills You Should Have as a Nanny

As a parent, there’s nothing better than knowing that you’re leaving your kids with a trusted professional. Parents tend to go through quite a pain-staking process of vetting the absolute best nanny to employ. If you have been wanting to enter the profession of nannying, you can make yourself the cream of the crop. Here are some essential skills you should have as a nanny to help kickstart your growth.


Organization skills are something many tend to take for granted or regard as something everyone should have. But if you have ever been around an unorganized person, you know how much of a skill it is, so make sure to include that in your resume. Organization skills will help you clean the parents’ home, improve efficiency, and you can pass this valuable skill on to their children.

First Aid

One of the essential skills you should have as a nanny is a proficient knowledge of first aid and CPR. CPR is an important skill to know how to administer as it can help save a life. This skill is something that parents immediately look for when narrowing down the list of potential nannies. The reason is that basic health-care knowledge can keep their children safe, and they know that they can trust the nanny to know what to do in an emergency.

Academic Education

As a nanny, you will spend most of your days with children, which is much different than being a babysitter who is only with them for short periods. As such, there will come several times during your service when you need to teach them lessons and provide them with knowledge. That’s where an academic education will greatly come in handy and give you a leg up. When parents see that you have an academic education, they will know their children are in good and knowledgeable hands.

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