5 Easy Ways To Conserve Energy This Winter

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You don’t have to forgo heat and comfort this winter to reduce your energy bill. It just takes a little extra thought and a few easy adjustments to keep your home energy efficient. With these five easy ways to conserve energy this winter, you’ll stay toasty and energy conscious without spending a bundle on bills.

Seal Drafts

Before the temperature drops, inspect all your doors and windows for broken seals. Apply fresh caulk to any gaps, and stick insulating film onto all of your windows. If you have a fireplace you like to use during the winter, keep the damper closed whenever it’s not in use. The idea is to seal in the warm air and foil any opportunities for cold air to sneak in.

Be Temperature Conscious

You may be tempted to crank up the heat on cold days, but your heating and cooling system accounts for about half of your energy bill! Keep the thermostat at the lowest temperature you find comfortable. Be mindful of how much hot water you use in the shower. If you’ve got a hot tub, turn the water temperature down a few degrees when you’re not using it.

Find Heat in Creative Places

Sunlight is the biggest source of free heat the world has to offer, so take advantage of it. Open up your curtains and blinds during the day to let the sunlight spill in and add a little extra heat. And if you’re doing extra baking this winter? Leave the oven door ajar after you take out your baked goods. Let some of that leftover heat warm your kitchen.

Swap Out Bulbs

If you’re still using classic incandescent bulbs to light your home, consider switching to LED. An LED bulb can save you up to $50 in energy costs over the course of its lifetime. They also last longer than incandescent bulbs and are less prone to breakage. Plus, they don’t get dangerously hot when you leave them on. Make the switch today and your wallet will thank you this winter.

Get a Smart Thermostat

Your home doesn’t need to stay toasty while you and your family are away. Conserve your heat usage by investing in a programmable thermostat that you can control through an app. Turn down the heat while you’re away. When you’re on your way home, warm the house back up! Some local city governments and energy providers offer rebates and incentives to install a smart thermostat, too.

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for energy efficiency this winter. With these five easy ways to conserve energy this winter, your day-to-day life will barely change—but your savings will add up! Reduce your carbon footprint and save a bundle by making these easy changes.

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