Four Things To Do After a Home Break-In

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Four Things To Do After a Home Break-In

The unfortunate circumstance of being robbed becomes a reality for many homeowners each year. The unnerving event of a home break-in can make it difficult for you to process what to do in the aftermath. A break-in often entails missing assets, residential damage, and injuries or fatalities, in worst cases.

The violation of privacy can leave you shaken, but appropriately responding to the situation can minimize the impact. Explore what you need to do after a home break-in to assess the damage, reclaim your property, and regain your sense of security.

Prioritize Your Safety

Immediately removing yourself and any other house members from your home after identifying a break-in is important. There’s always the chance that the person who broke into your home hasn’t left yet and still poses a danger to you.

Contact Law Enforcement

Contact the local police to meet you at the site of the break-in. It’s best to document the evidence and make a list of what items are missing. If you have a home security system in place, the police can view the footage to support the evidence. Avoid touching anything in your home to provide accurate evidence for the police.

Call Your Insurance Company

After filing an official police report, contact your insurance company. Most insurance companies require contact within 24 hours of a break-in. Some insurance companies will also require that a claims adjuster assess the damage in your home.

Reinforce Your Home Security

One of the best things to do after a home break-in is to begin assessing how to reinforce your home security. Consider replacing the locks on your windows and doors and upgrading to motion-sensor lighting. If you have a home security system, consider how you can make it visible to potential intruders to reduce the risk of another break-in.

Break-ins can leave you and your family distressed and unsettled in your own home. Reach out for support about the incident and assess what changes you can make to reclaim your sense of security and prevent a future break-in.

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