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Margaret Newton Elementary

I can’t believe it’s already November! Didn’t we just start school? It seems like our faculty and staff have been busier than usual this school year which makes time fly! My articles for the month of November will be centered around being thankful, building relationships, empathy, and showing appreciation of others.
Our students must be taught and shown empathy.
The definition of empathetic is ‘showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another person’. Our teachers and counselors teach empathy in our character education curriculum.
Even our preschoolers are taught to intentionally notice the feelings of their friends.
Sometimes our little ones do not recognize or pick up on social cues from others. They don’t understand that if their friends are crying, you don’t laugh at them but console them.
I have spent most of my 30 years in education working under the umbrella of special education with students with learning disabilities or other special needs. One of my biggest ah-ha moments was realizing that other students didn’t understand why one of my students couldn’t talk or made strange noises or liked to touch everyone’s face. This type of understanding must be taught to ALL of our students.
If students don’t know how to react or interact with non-verbal students (for example), then it must be taught to them. Teachers and parents are the best role models to teach empathy and acceptance of others. Children watch adults and learn how to treat others accordingly. So be careful what you do! Little eyes are watching, and little ears are listening!
MNES Principal

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