Gifts That Beekeepers Would Love

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If there is a special beekeeper in your life, you know that they would like nothing more than a gift related to their hobby. Since beekeeping is so solitary, many practitioners feel like their interests are misunderstood. Offering a beekeeper-related gift is a great way to show that you recognize what makes them special. To help you think of some ideas, here are some gifts that beekeepers would love.

J-Hook Tools

An item so indispensable that beekeepers usually benefit from owning four at a time, the J-Hook Tool’s curved shape makes it an excellent lever for opening frames encased in propolis. The sharp edge on the other side is also useful for scraping wax and propolis build-ups. Cheap and versatile, gifting this item will improve any beekeeper’s day.

Books on Beekeeping

Beekeeping, admittedly, is a hobby for nerds. It requires a deep dive into a bizarre, niche field. It is no surprise, therefore, that most beekeepers love any opportunity to gain more knowledge about their nerdy obsession. Books on topics like the origins of beekeeping will enthrall your beekeeper friend. In bookstores around the country, there are volumes about beekeeping lore or technique. You just have to find the right one for the beekeeper in your life.

Bee Themed Knick-Knacks and Mugs

Beekeepers often like to wear their hobby on their sleeve. Some of them have homes coated with different bee porcelain figurines or framed honeycombs. If you want to show a beekeeping friend that you appreciate them and their interests, give them an additional knick-knack that features their favorite critter. Bee-themed mugs are an especially popular choice.

Flower Seeds

When it comes to gifts that beekeepers would love, it is hard to beat presents that directly benefit their hives. Flower seeds for the garden means more flowers, which means more pollen for the bees to collect. Helping a friend or loved one this way shows that you understand their hobby and want to support it in any way you can.

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