How Landlords Should Deal With Bad Tenants

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The landlord gig might seem like a great one until you deal with a terrible tenant. A good tenant makes your life easy—always pays rent on time, never complains unless there’s something worth complaining about, and doesn’t try to break your rules. A tenant who does the opposite of just one of these things can instantly create a massive hassle. Read on for some ways landlords can deal with bad tenants.

Well-Written Lease

Your first defense against a bad tenant is a well-written lease. Once a renter signs an airtight lease, their options for destruction and mayhem go out the window. If you carefully explain maintenance expectations, pet policies, and renovation rules (in writing) before your tenant moves in, tenants will need to violate the lease to give you trouble.

Once they do, you’re well within your rights to threaten (and follow through with) eviction.

Strict Policies That Apply to Everyone

One common problem landlords need to deal with is late rent payments. If you’ve ever experienced this, you know how much it can throw off your financial well-being—you have every right to expect the money your tenants agreed to pay! The best way to confront this issue is with strict policies that apply to everyone. Regardless of the situation, hold all your tenants to the same standard.

That way, you won’t have tenants claiming that you unfairly let someone else postpone rent while you made them pay it immediately.

Don’t Forget Inspections

Move-in and move-out inspections are some of the best ways to cover yourself. Take detailed notes and pictures before your tenant enters the premises, then perform a move-in inspection with the renter present. This is an excellent way to establish trust—just as the tenant is responsible for any damage, the landlord is responsible for making necessary repairs.

Now that you know how landlords should deal with bad tenants, make your lease and stay firm but fair—you’ll get your renters back in line in no time!

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