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How To Create New Holiday Traditions After a Loved One Dies

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How To Create New Holiday Traditions After a Loved One Dies

Holidays are a wonderful time of the year, with many spending these days surrounded by family and friends to celebrate love and connection. But after losing someone dear to us, it can be hard to find joy in these occasions. It’s important to honor their memory and be present in the moment; you can do both by learning to create new holiday traditions after a loved one dies.

Reflect & Share Memories

Reflection is the best way to honor a loved one and an incredible way to ease yourself into new holiday traditions. Share stories around a fire, sitting at the table, or while exchanging presents with family and friends. Reminiscing can be a therapeutic way to honor the person’s memory. Acknowledging your loved one’s presence in your memories can create an atmosphere of love, connection, and healing for yourself and others.

Create New Traditions in Their Honor

For some, continuing a tradition without the other person there feels wrong. While it is an endearing move with lots of emotion, establishing something new doesn’t mean you can’t represent the deceased. For instance, you might cook their favorite dish each holiday or display a particular ornament they always put up. Engaging in these new customs is a way to keep their spirit alive and stay connected. Over time, incorporating these heartfelt rituals will give your holidays a sense of continuity and meaning.

Blend Old and New Traditions

One empowering approach to healing is blending new with old. You can start a new tradition by combining it with something your family member commonly did with you. Combining the old with something fresh can be a powerful approach to healing during the holiday season. This infusion of cherished memories with new experiences helps to create a sense of connection and comfort in moving forward while honoring their memory.

Here are ideas to get you going:

  • Creating a memory stocking
  • Displaying a framed photo
  • Sending holiday cards to the deceased friends and family
  • Donating in their name

Take the Time You Need

At first, you might feel ashamed by embarking on a new life chapter this holiday season without your loved one. It’s OK to feel this way, but remember to take this one day at a time. One of the ways to nurture relationships while grieving is by finding opportunities, gradually, reincorporate others into your personal rituals. Start small by watching their favorite holiday movie with loved ones or hiking their favorite trail with others. As you begin to process, evolving and growing into new traditions becomes easier. Your new traditions can have renewed meaning during the holidays.

Remember to nurture connections during the holidays after a loss. The holidays may never be the same, but they can still be meaningful and beautiful in new ways with love and connection. Rediscover new meaning in old traditions and create something new in honor of your loved one this holiday season.

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