How To Make Money With Just One Truck

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Not everyone is cut out for a 9-to-5 job. Or a boss. Or having to wear a shirt with a collar. But rather than looking for a job you know you’ll hate, you can get creative and forge a career on your own terms. If you like the idea of driving, here are a few ideas about how to make money with just one box truck.

Delivery Driver

Learning to quarantine last year drove online sales through the roof. If your doorbell rings, it’s probably another package. You can get in on that action and set your own schedule with local stores. Depending on how much you can invest to get started, you can buy a mid-size box truck new or used, or even lease one until your income gets steadier. You’ll need to be comfortable lifting heavy boxes if you want to work with furniture shops or appliance stores. Ask around your area and you’ll find that your vehicle is just the right size for small businesses.

Home Mover

Every month you see rented trucks parked in the middle of the street as a group of friends tries to maneuver a sectional to the sidewalk. Help them. For money. Again, you’ll need to be physically fit for the job. And you’ll have to work with a buddy to haul heavy items upstairs and through doorways. Equip yourself with a dolly, cargo straps, blankets, and tarps. You should probably be prepared to help pitch in with last-minute packing, too.

Junk Hauler

It might sound like a dirty way to make money with just one box truck, but we’re not talking about garbage here. People have stuff they want to get rid of. They have to sort out Grandma’s house, or are spring cleaning. Sometimes they try to sell furniture and large items online. Then they offer to give it away. Then they give up and call someone like you who can just make it disappear.

Whether you junk it or profit from it is up to you. Deliver it to a resale shop or charity, and you’ve done everyone a favor. You can charge by how much space their belongings take up in the truck. More often than not, they’ll ask you to take away a lot more of their things, too.

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