How To Start Fishing and Why You Should Take Up the Hobby

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How To Start Fishing and Why You Should Take Up the Hobby

Fishing isn’t just for people who put a line in the water while camping so they can have something to eat. This hobby is also quite relaxing and offers several health benefits. If you are considering going fishing for the first time, follow along as we look at how to start fishing and why you should take up the hobby.

Getting Started

As with most hobbies, you’ll need some supplies so you can enjoy your first fishing experience. You can add more items as time goes on, but for a beginner, the following is all you need.

Fishing Pole

Looking at fishing poles is overwhelming because there is such a wide variety. They generally come in lengths anywhere from four feet to seven feet. It’s recommended that beginners choose a seven-foot fishing rod because of its great versatility.

Bait and Lures

Bait and lures are two different things. A lure is used to attract—or lure—fish to your line, while bait is used to get the fish to take a bite and get hooked.

When looking at lures, keep in mind that lures that glow work best to attract fish. Many fishing waters are murky and dark, so that glowing lure makes a big difference. Lures are usually plastic or metal and have some movement to them to get a fish’s attention.

Bait is often live and might be in the form of worms or minnows. There is also artificial bait that is designed to look alive. The bait is what goes on the hook.

Fishing License

As you review how to start fishing and why you should take up the hobby, know that a license is one of the most important things you need. Different locales have their own requirements, so make sure you are clear about what those are based on where you will be fishing. Some places won’t even let you eat the fish; instead, you have to catch and release.

Health Benefits of Fishing

Isn’t it great when you can combine a fun hobby with various health benefits? That’s exactly what fishing can do. Let’s look at the many health benefits of spending a day outside with a fishing rod in hand.

Stress Relief

Stress is a part of life, but we all know it’s best to limit it when we can. Relaxing hobbies, such as fishing, are a great way to do just that.

When fishing, you get vitamin D from the sunshine, fresh air to clear your mind, and a connection to the earth that can help the thoughts of work and other responsibilities disappear.

Physical Exercise

Besides the mental break that fishing offers, there is more physical work to fishing than you might think. For starters, how will you get to the fishing spot? You may be out on a boat, which takes some work to load up and get going. Alternatively, you could walk to a fishing area, meaning you’ll get some exercise while carrying the equipment.

A Practice in Patience

We can all stand to learn a little extra patience at any age; however, when you teach children to fish, it gives them a head start in the art of patience.

There is plenty of sitting around waiting for something to happen when you are fishing. This becomes a good lesson in patience, and it can also lead to lower stress levels.

Good luck on your fishing journey. Every day is a great day to start a new hobby and enjoy the outdoors.

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