Key Outdoor Elements To Maintain on a Rental Property

Key Outdoor Elements To Maintain on a Rental Property

There are always specific areas on a rental property that you need to think about to prevent damages. However, it can be hard to figure out where these areas are if you’re new to property management. To help you with this, we go over the top three key outdoor elements to maintain on a rental property.


The drains on any property are necessary for taking water away from the foundation. Because the water carries dirt and grime, these can often experience clogging due to runoff. As such, it’s crucial to pay attention to your drains by using a snake and other tools to clear the drain entrance from any leaves or other detritus that may be present. Doing these activities after any harsh weather activity will ensure that floods will never develop on your property and cause damage.


House gutters are another element to keep clear to facilitate drainage away from your house. Your roof has a much larger surface area than you realize. With larger roofs, heavy rainfall can add up to a lot of water that hits the house. As such, your rain gutters need to be sturdy to hold up under the potentially heavy flow that you may experience during the rainy season. Moreover, dirt and debris will collect on your roof from the wind and overhead foliage throughout the year. This can be a significant setback to the effectiveness of your drains, so make sure that you clean them regularly.


Roofing is another important outdoor element to maintain on any of your rental properties. Roof maintenance is especially vital in areas where branches and other debris might fall on the house’s roof. The last thing you want is to find a leak in the roof that you must fix. To maintain this part of your home, have a professional periodically inspect it before and after heavy rainfall. This can ensure that your property stays dry and free of damage!

While there are many key outdoor elements to maintain on a rental property, the most critical job is preventing water damage. Ensure that you have units regularly inspected for water damage and perform maintenance tasks to keep your rental in great shape. Catching this damage early on can lead to a lot of money savings in both repairs and water bills!