New Ridgely mayor convenes first meeting

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By Pam Crittenden Johnson
Staff Writer

Newly appointed Ridgely Mayor Don Moore took charge of his first meeting in his new position.
He opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a prayer by Alderman Brenda Crittenden.
Following a roll call Mayor Moore presented last month’s minutes for approval. Alderman Crittendent stated there were several inaccuracies and approving them would need to be tabled until next month.
Alderman Nancy Crane brought up the special called meeting. The minutes were accurate and the board approved without objection.
The financial report, next on the agenda, was tabled until the next meeting.
Each Alderman had received a report of the City’s expenditures for the month. Even though the financial report was tabled, the board approved paying these expenditures. This passed unanimously.
Under old business, the board discussed the Oct. 2022 – Jan. 2023 financial reports. These reports were incomplete and the state has sent help along with a CPA to identify the mistakes and make the necessary adjustments to balance the budget.
Approving these reports was moved to next months meeting in hopes they will be corrected and completed.
Ridgely attorney, Matt Willis, who was not in attendance at the meeting was supposed to present findings of a land deal for the board. This item was also tabled until next month.
The board voted unanimously to approve the second reading of a new dog ordinance.
The next item on the agenda was discussion of the roof damage at the Ridgely Fire Department. The board had previously approved the repairs, but work has not started on the project.
Alderman W.C. Roberson brought up a grant for a generator. Jackie Howell is going to investigate it.
In other business the board was charged with naming a new vice-mayor. Mayor Moore recommended Alderman W.C. Roberson for the position. He was recently filled an empty seat on the Board.
Roberson has previously served as a Ridgely Alderman and vice-mayor and is familiar with the duties of the vice-mayor. The board approved the appointment.
The Board must rehire Marty Harris. Someone had brought up that there had not been an official job announcement made before hiring Harris. She started working at Ridgely City Hall to keep it from closing because two of the previous employees had just resigned. A motion was made to approve followed by a second and a unanimous vote was made to hire Harris.
Chief of Police Jimmy Dale Synder mentioned another small grant that was available and that the paper work needed to be completed and submitted no later than the next day. Alderman Crittenden voluntered to assist in completing the forms.

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