Simple Ways To Make a House Look Antique

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Most everyone can agree: old homes have a lot of character. In the past, there was a very different approach to decorating and even building a home that now lends itself to a unique appearance. Generally, antique-style homes are very beautiful and artistic. In modern times, we have traded the art for the inexpensive and convenient. Fortunately, you don’t have to save up and worry about maintaining an old house to enjoy its beauty. There are loads of simple ways to make a house look antique.

Add Decorative Trim

One of the great ways in which old houses stand apart is with trim. No corner is left bare, and no edge is left undecorated. Trim was on every wall and around every window and door. The trim was also often ornate, with rosettes at the corners and complex beveling. This style of trim is still available to this day, but it’s sorely underappreciated. A fairly inexpensive and simple project, adding trim is a great way to up the antique feel.

Old houses also tended to have wainscoting rather than running boards. Adding wainscoting creates a division in texture along the wall, and it’s also a great excuse to splash some different color into a room.

Rethink Your Entryways

The first impression you and your guests will have of your home occurs at the entryways. Doors set the stage for a home’s interior, and changing them up is one of the simplest ways to make a house look antique. Bland builder-standard slabs are nothing like the handmade works of older homes. There’s a lot of solid wood door options with a unique, antique feel. Options these days range from eccentric to ornate; medieval-style archway doors and hand-carved options are easily available in prefab or custom selections.

Replace Anything Bland

Most modern homes come stocked with an array of minimalist details. These include things such as light fixtures, light panels, doors, doorknobs, and even cabinet hardware. They’re intended to be affordable, neutral options most people will enjoy. However, if you’re going for an antique look, these subtle touches will look garishly inaccurate. Vintage-looking fixtures and plates are making a comeback, and it’s easy to find a variety of style options, such as faux Victorian, imitation Edison-era light bulbs, glass hurricane or Tiffany lamps, and antiqued wood and metal options. Another fun way to redecorate is to go to old houses, antique stores, and the like and search for projects. Repurposed materials and naturally aged items will really add to the antique feel of home.

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