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Summer Date Ideas That Are Anything but Boring

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The sweet warmth of summertime supplies sunshine and exuberance. There’s nothing like dating in the hot days of summer. If you’re looking for seasonal date ideas, outdoors is certainly the prime place to be. Whether you want to spice up your relationship or need suitable date themes, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few summer date ideas that are anything but boring.

Cosmic Joy: Stargazing Galore

Everyone enjoys a nice evening of gazing up at the cosmos. Stars hold mystic wonder and unparalleled beauty. Head out during a summer night to go stargazing together in a spot without light pollution. You can even choose a rooftop venue. You’ll enjoy a delightful view together in the summertime breeze. Be sure to download a stargazing app on your phone for the ultimate night sky experience.

Drive-Ins or Sit-Downs: Outdoor Movies

Viewing fresh or favorite flicks outdoors is one of the top summer date ideas that are anything but boring. Find out whether there are any drive-in theaters in your area. Otherwise, make note of any local film showings happening in parks or other venues. Alternatively, you can hang up a sheet as a screen and bring out a movie projector for some personal backyard viewing. Don’t forget the drinks and popcorn.

Cozy Summer Vibes: Parks and Picnics

Summertime is the perfect excuse to break out the blankets, picnic baskets, and bento boxes so you can laze around in nature. While planning an idyllic picnic date takes a bit of thought and consideration, your options are limitless. You can set a fancy table with some candles and mood music for sunset viewing. Or bring along extra blankets and glow sticks for an after-dark intimate picnic. Sit and relax on the greenest of grasses under the moonlight. There’s a reason why picnicking remains a favorite shared experience.

Cruise a Picturesque Road: Take a Scenic Drive

Hit the road on a pleasant summer day for a sensational drive side by side. You can take in the scenery and reflect on the journey of your relationship at the same time. Let yourselves linger in the moment. With the windows down and the soft wind whipping through your hair and caressing your skin, you won’t find a word to describe the feeling. Kick back and drive through winding roads together to chase any lingering stressors, worries, or blues away.

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