The Advantages of LED Christmas Lights

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The Christmas season is not the same without decorating your house and tree with strings of shimmering lights. Christmas lights come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and bulb types. This season, consider switching to LEDs to reap the advantages of LED Christmas lights. Here is why you should make the switch. 

They Are Safer 

Unlike traditional incandescent lights, LED lights do not emit heat. Dry Christmas trees present a greater risk of a house fire during the holiday season, especially if you are using lights that are hot to the touch. LED lights will reduce the risk of a fire and protect curious young children who may feel compelled to touch the shining lights.

They Are Eco-Friendly 

LED lights also have environmental benefits. Give the planet a gift this year by reducing the amount of energy your family consumes over the holiday season.

They Are Cost-Effective  

Christmas decorations can cause a spike in your electricity bill around the holidays. Luckily, LED lights reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower costs. While LED Christmas lights may cost more upfront, the energy savings will offset this.

They Are More Durable 

LED lights do not rely on filaments, so they can last much longer than traditional string lights. Instead of replacing your string lights every year or having to do the dreaded one-by-one check, your LED lights will light right up year after year.

LEDs also use plastic, which makes storage much more manageable. You will not have to spend as long carefully unwinding your lights every season or worry about the glass bulbs breaking in colder weather. LED lights can withstand being balled up in a storage container without extra precautions, and they can handle any winter storm. LED string lights save even more money by eliminating the cost of broken incandescent lights.

The advantages of LED Christmas lights make it worth it to switch up your lighting this holiday season.

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