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The Big Day: 5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding

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The Big Day: 5 Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding

Getting engaged and planning a wedding is one of life’s most exciting chapters. Some of us spend years dreaming up the ideal wedding during singlehood, and others don’t think about it until they find their person. Knowing a few tips for planning the perfect wedding always helps, regardless of which category you fall into. Ensure your big day is a dream come true with some expert advice!

Establish a Wedding Budget

Before you look at wedding apparel, tour venues, or scope out vendors, you need to set a budget. Talk with your partner and decide how much you’ll spend on the big day. While some parents help their children, don’t depend on this if they haven’t made an offer—they still may, and you can politely ask.

Determine where you’ll spend the most money when creating your wedding budget. Some areas may require an additional breakdown. For example, as you decide how much you’ll spend on food, detail the portions that will go to cocktail hour, the main course, dessert, and a potential late-night snack. Getting as specific as possible helps prevent the risk of going over budget once you start spending.

Tour Various Venues

Going to several venues is important, even if you fall in love with the first place you see. Every location will have different packages, and while the first may look perfect, it may also be out of your price range. Ask the venue manager about price, guest capacity, and in-house vendors when touring locations. The best venue is more than just aesthetics; it’s a whole package.

Create the Perfect Wedding Party

Your wedding party includes the people closest to you and your partner. Traditionally, this means an equal number of groomsmen to bridesmaids with apparel that coordinates. For instance, if you get married in winter and have burgundy dresses, the groom’s men should wear a burgundy button down, bowtie, tie, or pocket square. Keeping the colors coordinated also ensures your wedding party stands out.

Pro Tip

While most couples have the bridesmaids purchase their gowns, this isn’t always the case for groomsmen’s suits. However, when you buy wedding tuxedos, the groomsmen can get them perfectly tailored according to their measurements.

Create a Guest List

Another key tip for planning the perfect wedding is to create two lists: an A-list and a B-list. The A-list is for the guests you most want to see at your wedding. This list usually includes close friends and relatives; these invites go out first. On the other hand, B-list guests are people you’d like to see there but don’t need. Invitations for the B-list go out after several A-list guests RSVP “no.”

Enjoy It

Most importantly, have fun! Planning a wedding includes a range of tasks such as cake tastings, touring venues, and dress or tux shopping. Give yourself ample time before the big day so you and your partner can soak up every minute of your prenuptial journey.

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