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The Most Important Materials Used in Gun Holsters

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The Most Important Materials Used in Gun Holsters

If you carry concealed, choosing your holster is one of the most important decisions you can make. The holster determines how comfortable you’ll feel while carrying and the positions you can take while you draw and holster.

A quality holster will keep your gun securely fastened and won’t damage your firearm. Learn about the most important materials used in gun holsters and find the right option for you.


Kydex is the trademark name for a type of thermoplastic material, which means it’s pliable at a certain high-temperature point and solidifies when cooled. Among other applications, Kydex is used in sheaths and firearm holsters.

Kydex makes holsters lightweight, ensuring they’re easy and comfortable to carry. Keep in mind that this material can wear against your gun’s finish, however.

Injection Molded Polymer

To create an injection molded polymer holster, the manufacturer starts by melting polymer pellets. They then inject the melted polymer into a mold with the shape and features of the holster. Once the polymer cools, the manufacturer opens the mold and removes the holster.

Compared to Kydex, manufacturers can more easily customize injection molded plastic holster designs. And like Kydex, injection molded holsters maintain their shape when you draw your gun, making it easy for you to re-holster.


Leather holsters are stylish and form to your body and gun over time. You can draw your gun silently, though the higher friction of this material will cause you to draw a little slower. While leather will degrade over time, a skilled leather worker may be able to repair your holster as needed.

While leather holsters are comfortable and look beautiful, perspiration can soak into the holster. No matter your holster’s material, it’s crucial to clean your concealed carry holster regularly.


Finally, nylon is often the most affordable option for a gun holster, making it one of the most important materials. Since manufacturers typically don’t mold nylon holsters for a specific firearm, they can fit a wider range of guns well.

And because this is a soft material, it’s easy to draw your gun out nearly silently. Nylon is also a low-maintenance material. You can add a stiffener so that the holster retains its structure and add straps to keep your holster in place as you draw.

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