The Top Reasons Your House Stinks

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The average home is a cornucopia of odors, both good and bad. Everyone loves the pleasant odors; baking bread, sizzling bacon, or brewing coffee all amaze the sense of smell. Bad odors, on the other hand, will send everyone running for the hills, so someone has to identify the smell and get rid of it. Some you can easily get rid of and others not so much. We provide the top reasons your house stinks and what to do about it.

Moldy Carpet

Moldy carpets are the subtle assassin. They will funk up a house, and the occupants won’t even know it. Then the in-laws stop by and let you know how bad things smell in a not so subtle way. Mold and bacteria love a damp carpet; it’s moist, dark, protected, and full of things to munch on. The smell isn’t overpowering, just stale and musty. Have the carpets professionally cleaned to get rid of the smell and make it an annual routine.

The Garbage Can

In all fairness, it’s a garbage can, so it’s not supposed to smell like potpourri and fresh laundry. It doesn’t, however, have to smell like a garbage dump. The next time you take out the trash, wash out the can with hot water, soap, and whatever kind of cleaners you have lying around. Let it dry fully outside, then give it a hit with some disinfectant for good measure.

Rotting Food

While cooking food emits a delightful smell, rotting food definitely does not. Food that you leave out will spoil, decay, and start smelling up the house. Check for food in the dishwasher, in and under the sink, around the garbage can, and in the garbage disposal. Food tends to accumulate in these areas, so check them all first. If you can’t locate the source, check the rest of the house.

Something Died

No, that’s not a euphemism for something else. There’s a chance that some critter got in your house and died. Now that animal is decomposing somewhere and funking up the whole house. The smell of the rotting animal will lead you to it; it’s strong, so follow your nose to the source. Check the attic, under cushions, the crawl space, and the chimney. Hopefully, it didn’t die inside a wall because the only way to remove it is to open up the wall and fish it out.

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