Tips for Building an Outdoor Fireplace

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Fireplaces are great assets to have in your home if you’re looking for an additional heat source. Having one outside of the house is also great. If you’re looking to increase your home’s value by adding a piece of luxury to your backyard, then follow these tips for building an outdoor fireplace.

Choose Your Location

Before you build anything, you first need to find a good spot to place your outdoor fireplace. Figuring out the best place can be hard—you don’t want it to be far from the house, but you also don’t want it in an area people walk through. And you especially don’t want to place your fireplace in an unsafe area that could be classified as a fire or safety hazard.

Lay Out Your Foundation

To successfully pour out concrete and create a stable foundation, you’ll need to learn how to level the ground accurately so that your fireplace doesn’t tilt. To fully measure a perfect slab, pierce four stakes into the ground to mark the corners and then tie some string around the square. If necessary, build up the lower side and add a wall to hold back any higher ground.

Design Your Structure

Choosing a design is one thing, but creating a design is another skill you’ll need to learn. Otherwise, you’ll need to hire a professional to do the work. This part is the most important, because if you don’t do it right, you risk causing a fire or not meeting local building codes. If this is something you’re doing on your own, make sure you receive guidance from a professional, who will tell you how to keep a fire contained and how to position the structure.

Lay Out Your Bricks

Another one of our tips for building an outdoor fireplace is to lay out the bricks for your structure. This will also require professional assistance to help you meet local building codes. When you’re stacking bricks, align them gently and don’t slam any bricks down. If any cracks or crumbled bricks develop, you’ll be at fault for any damage or injury caused by fire escaping through a crack. Again, make sure to get advice from a professional if you’re unsure about or uncomfortable with using certain building materials.

If you’re still not sure if an outdoor fireplace is for you, think it over and review the reasons why an outdoor fireplace is an excellent investment of your time and money. It will make your home the ultimate hangout spot all year round.

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