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Tips for Changing Careers Without Going Back to School

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Tips for Changing Careers Without Going Back to School

Let’s face it. College is expensive and time-consuming. When you want a new occupation, you want an immediate change. Luckily, it’s possible to enter a new career without heading back to college. Follow these tips for changing careers without going back to school and start your new journey!

Think of Your Passions and Interests

Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you have a passion for it. While thinking about possible paths, list your passions and interests. What things excite you? What is your dream field? For guidance, list your favorite parts of your current career. Then, think about potential career opportunities.

Understand Your Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are abilities that you can use in various roles and occupations. For example, problem-solving, writing, and attention to detail are all transferable skills. While looking for a new career, write down your transferable skills that are helpful to the job. Along with skills, don’t forget about concrete experience and past education, as knowledge enhances your resume.

Build Knowledge and Skills

Changing careers without going back to school still requires education. Although you don’t enter a classroom, use helpful resources to build knowledge. Books, certification programs, workshops, and online research are great tools. Before pursuing a new job, it’s important to come with baseline knowledge. For example, if you’re interested in graphic design, understanding how Adobe Illustrator works is an awesome skill.

Furthermore, you can build knowledge and skills by watching people in your desired field. In fact, one way to learn new skills as a nail tech is to shadow other nail techs! You receive a real-time demonstration of techniques and practices. Regardless of you new path, schedule a “shadow day” with someone in the field.

Gain Relevant Experience

You can’t jump into a “big-time” role until you have experience with entry-level positions. To bulk up your resume and build skills, gain relevant experience for the new career path. Take on part-time jobs, internships, or volunteer work pertaining to the occupation. When you land an interview, your past work will impress employers and prove your knowledge.

Ultimately, don’t walk into a new career unless you possess the critical skills. The more knowledge, the better!

Build a Solid Network

Having a “friend of a friend” is great for all areas of life, especially careers. Use your existing connections to reach new people. Perhaps your coworker has a friend with your dream job. Maybe your old college roommate works in your desired field. Build a network of people to learn about the career and help with job search.

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