Tips for Getting Your Home Holiday-Ready

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Prepping for the holidays can be a stressful affair, especially if you have guests coming to visit. There are a lot of aspects to think about, from gift-giving to making space in the home for visitors. With the proper planning, though, you and your guests can enjoy a relaxing holiday. Follow these tips for getting your home holiday-ready, and that holiday overwhelm will be a thing of the past.

Clear Out Closets

A lot of people tend to forget until the last minute how important closet space is during the holidays. If you’re like most people, you don’t remember that guests need a place to store their big coats as well. This year, prepare for the extra coats and clean out your closets. Donate anything you don’t wear to your favorite charity—a lot of those things you’ll remove from coat closets are perfect for donating in the winter.

Make the Most of Guest Space

Whether you have a guest room or your living room can transform into a sleeping area for your guests, you need to focus most of your attention here. Even your closest family members will appreciate personal space, so try to make these areas as comfortable as possible. Ensure clean sheets and bedding are available before they arrive, and add some cozy touches and amenities if you can. We suggest cozy robes and slippers, phone chargers, and even some extra jackets if need be.

Put Together a Cleaning Kit

For those unexpected spills and messes, create an emergency cleaning kit so that you don’t have to scramble for a way to get wine out of the white carpet. Put together a kit with a proven stain remover, a couple of rags, and other important cleaning items. You’ll be glad you have that when the unexpected happens and you need to clean something up quickly.

Decorate Your Space

This may seem like an obvious one, but once you tidy up, make sure you put out some decorations. These will help people get in the holiday spirit. Just try not to overdo it, as too much décor can make your space look cluttered. Don’t forget about the kitchen table—a nice centerpiece can be decoration enough!

Don’t Forget About Outside

Your entryway is your guests’ first impression, so make sure you take care of it by removing all snow and ice in a timely fashion and organizing any items. Bring some decorations outside as well. A nice exterior is a conversation-starter for the interior!

Clean the Fridge and Oven

Finally, as dreadful as it may sound, make sure you clean out the oven and the fridge—especially if you’re going to do a lot of cooking or baking. Clean utilities will make it a much less stressful affair. Deep-clean the oven and the fridge—doing so will give you the room you need to prep.

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