Tips for Protecting Your Jeep’s Exterior

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Tips for Protecting Your Jeep’s Exterior

Dents and scratches on your Jeep’s exterior are distracting and can make your vehicle look worn out. While you don’t need to baby your rig, maintaining a clean exterior and protecting your Jeep from damage will keep your vehicle looking great.

Not to mention, without proper care, you could face a hefty repair bill. Avoid vehicular problems with these simple tips for protecting your Jeep’s exterior.

1. Wash Gently and Apply Wax

The first tip is to wash your Jeep routinely using the most gentle methods and cleaners that get the job done. While your car has a protective clear coat over the paint job, you can damage this coat with improper cleaning methods or supplies. If you wash your Jeep at home, get car-specific cleaners and soft washing mitts and rags.

After you dry your vehicle, apply a protective wax. The wax will help your Jeep sparkle like new while providing a barrier of protection on your Jeep’s surface.

2. Don’t Leave Mud and Debris on It

The next tip for protecting your Jeep’s exterior is to wash off mud and other debris as soon as possible. If you enjoy off-roading in your Jeep, you’ve probably gotten your rig considerably dirty on the trail. Leaving these contaminants on your car can damage the paint, and the longer it sits, the harder it can be to wash off.

While gentle washing methods are best, you will generally have to clean more firmly when you have caked-on dirt. Many people wash off their mud-encased Jeeps with a power washer—just make sure to put the washer on the lowest setting possible so you don’t chip the paint.

3. Add Protective Modifications

While washing improves the appearance of your Jeep after you drive, you can add protective modifications that help prevent scratches and dents. For example, lifting your vehicle can prevent the underside from getting scratched by many obstructions. Additionally, fender flares can keep mud, rocks, liquids, and debris from the road or trail away from the sides of your vehicle.

A new grille can add protection to the front end of your vehicle; grilles are one of the best modifications for first-time Jeep owners because they’re easy to change out. In about 15 minutes, you can dramatically change the look of your Jeep while adding protection.

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