Upgrades That Increase Your Boat’s Value

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Upgrades That Increase Your Boat’s Value

Like a car, a boat has a resale value that owners always want to increase to maintain the value of their purchase. Our guide lists some easy upgrades that practically any boat owner can do to increase their boat’s value.

New Canvas or Bimini Top

A boat’s canvas or Bimini top is a luxury to make relaxing and having on the water a little more enjoyable with a reprieve from the blazing sun. It’s the ideal attachment for long days on the water, but these tops can wear out and start to fall apart after just a few years.

If it’s been a while since you’ve bought the boat and it still has the original canvas, getting a new one is an easy upgrade that makes your boat look years newer and increases its value.

Pro Tip: Consider a retractable sunshade system that offers more sun protection with no poles or support needed and can electronically open and close at the push of a button.

Replace the Carpets

If your boat has any carpeted area, you know they can wear out and age quickly after years at sea. Carpets must deal with sun exposure, moisture, dirty shoes, spills, and who knows what else; after so many years, there’s nothing left to do but replace it.

Replacing the carpets is a simple and affordable upgrade for your vessel that you can DIY. This improvement will make your boat look much newer and fresher.

Install USB Ports

You may love being on the boat and the water because it detaches you from the modern, digital world, but marine-grade USB ports are still a valuable upgrade for a boat. For one, they’re inexpensive and easy to install, and there’s no denying the convenience of always having a charging port on board.

A USB port is not only an attractive electronic feature for a vessel, but also a safety feature; it ensures that you’ve always got a power source for your phone in case you need to make a distress call.

Switch to Lithium Batteries

The most practical and effective upgrade boat owners can make to their vessel is swapping out the old lead-acid battery for a lithium-ion unit. Lithium-ion batteries last longer, offer greater power storage, and are somehow even lighter than typical marine batteries.

A lithium battery has nearly five times as many charge-discharge cycles as a lead-acid competitor and offers superior discharge capability. Therefore, your boat may require fewer lithium batteries than lead-acid units. If you make the lithium switch, make sure you’ve got the correct number of batteries for your boat.

Upgrade the Sound System

While looking into electronic upgrades for your boat, consider getting a new sound system for your vessel to up its value. If your boat is on the older side and still has the original system from years ago, it could instantly become more valuable with a brand-new sound system.

Potential buyers love to see a boat with the latest entertainment technology, and a new sound system is a perfect addition for those days on the water with friends, family, and tunes!

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