Ways To Improve Recycling at Your Retail Store

Ways To Improve Recycling at Your Retail Store

The way businesses promote and implement “green” strategies can make a real difference in the world. Whether you’re a burgeoning environmentalist or long-time advocate, recycling makes a difference and it all begins with what you do in your business. Even the most voracious recyclers can expand their environmentally-conscious practices. Here’s a few ways to improve recycling at your retail store.

Encourage Reusable Shopping Bags

In recent years, the rise of the reusable shopping bag put the environment front and center in business practices. People who shop at stores with reusable bags must stop and reflect on their own recycling habits. When you offer someone a sustainable option, they are more likely to take it. Consider placing reusable bags around your checkout area for customers. You can even consider exchanging all single-use plastic bags with brown paper bags or set a cost for plastic bags.

Reduce Packaging Materials

The way you package your products impacts shipping safety and customer experience. However, you must also balance the impact that extra packaging has on the environment. You may impress customers with a spectacular packaging display, but many will think there is too much plastic and cardboard. With the increase in online shopping in recent months, you must consider reducing your packaging materials. There are sustainable ways to achieve product safety and customer happiness without burdening the environment.

Install Accessible Recycling Bins

Your storefront is where you make the magic happen and secure sales with customers. It’s also where coffee-cup-laden customers peruse for hours and seek a trash bin for their refuse. Consider installing accessible and easy-to-see recycling bins alongside your trash cans. When people have the option to recycle, and it doesn’t require any extra effort, they are more likely to utilize the greener method. Place recycling bins in the front and back of your store to help customers and staff engage your environmental strategies.

Start a Gift Card Recycling Program

Many people notice that plastic bags are single-use plastic items, but have you considered gift cards? There are many myriad ways businesses can use gift cards, including recycling them. Instead of handing the card back to the customer who will likely throw it away, take the card back and recycle it. Some gift card services can even reuse the same cards without sending them to a recycling plant. You can even incentivize customers to use your gift cards by offering them a discounted price for their next gift card if they recycle their old ones with you.

Try implementing a few of these ways to improve recycling at your retail store. With the right mix of encouragement, opportunity, and intentionality, your business can make a real difference in the world.


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