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Why Does My Car Make So Much Noise When I Accelerate?

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Your car has its own way of telling you when something is wrong: making a racket. Let’s look at some common car sounds so you can learn why your car makes so much noise when you accelerate.


A squeaking or squealing noise while accelerating usually indicates a problem with your engine belt. If it’s been a while since you’ve gotten the belt looked at, it could mean that it’s loose or worn, or that one of its pulleys is failing. However, if you only notice the squeaking noise when driving slowly, bring your car to a shop and have the brakes checked.


When you hear a slapping noise that speeds up as you accelerate, the problem probably rests in your tires. Depending on the severity of the damage, this could result in a tire blowout while driving, so you must have your car looked at immediately. Don’t try to drive on damaged tires, as this will only exacerbate the issue.


A low, droning hum that gets louder as you accelerate likely comes from your wheel bearings. If turning one way makes the sound louder and turning the other way makes the sound disappear, a wheel bearing is almost definitely the source. A damaged wheel bearing can cause the wheel to stop turning while driving, so take your car to a shop as soon as possible.

In addition, you may notice your tires wearing out more quickly as well as problems with vehicle responsiveness; a bad wheel bearing significantly affects many aspects of safe driving, so don’t ignore the warning signs.


A loud banging or clanking sound coming from under your hood is never a good sign, and it’s usually indicative of bad motor mounts. Motor mounts connect your engine to your car and stabilize the engine’s significant vibrations.

Once one breaks, your engine can bang into other components under your hood and cause severe damage. Luckily, with a few tools and parts, you can replace old motor mounts yourself and save a few bucks. Now that you know why your car makes so much noise when you accelerate, avoid serious damage and address issues early!

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