Why Glass Tile Will Never Go Out of Style

Why Glass Tile Will Never Go Out of Style

It’s not easy to find good-looking and practical décor for your kitchen and bathroom, and it’s even harder to find something that isn’t a passing fad. Well, look no further! Here’s why glass tile will never go out of style.


Glass tile is a functional option that enhances a space in several different ways:


Whether you’re cleaning your kitchen or your bathroom, everyone wants to clean surfaces with a simple wipe. Glass tile is waterproof, and it can’t absorb food, sauces, or grime. All you need to make your space clean is glass cleaner and a cloth!


Because food and grime can’t penetrate the glass, you don’t have to worry about particles finding their way underneath your tile and causing corrosion. Tempered glass can also withstand impacts, so wear and tear won’t be an issue.


Light reflects off of glass, which means glass tile serves yet another purpose. You always want to make your kitchen look as bright and open as possible, so instead of adding more windows or light fixtures, let the glass tile work its magic.


Glass tile offers a plethora of style options to fit any space and any desire. Let’s take a look at a few options:

Pebble Interlocking

Pebble interlocking tile brings a contemporary look into your kitchen or bathroom. With its soothing tint, your space transforms into a tranquil and stylish location.

Textalia Herringbone

Textalia herringbone really catches the eye. With its confident angles and luxurious color palette, this style gives off a quality reminiscent of finely woven thread.

Subway Tile

Subway tile is one of the most enduring styles of all, and blue mosaic tile is perfect for any bathroom. There is a great deal of flexibility in subway tile sizing, so it will meet your needs no matter what they are.

Whether you’re looking for options or practicality, glass tile offers it all. Now that you know why glass tile will never go out of style, spruce up your bathroom or kitchen and stay stylish forever!