Why Shower Stalls Are Better Than Bathtubs

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Why Shower Stalls Are Better Than Bathtubs

Bathtubs are a common fixture in nearly every bathroom. However, many homeowners are embracing some of the distinct advantages of using shower stalls. You may want to consider some of the reasons why shower stalls are better than bathtubs if you’re renovating your bathroom. Bathtubs certainly have their uses and are good for families with pets or children who may find it easier to clean them up in a tub, but other options are available.

Saves Water

While taking a nice hot bath at the end of a long day may seem like a relaxing option, it’s not always the most practical one. On average, bathtubs use far more water than shower stalls, which can lead to an increase in your monthly water bill. Even those who take a normal shower in their bathtub combo may find themselves using more water since shower stalls offer a psychological “get in, get out” mentality that often makes the process faster and shorter.

More Space

One of the most obvious advantages that a shower stall has over a bathtub is that it takes up less room. This size difference can be especially useful if you need more space to put some shelves or decorations. Knowing how to install a shower stall can provide you with a lot of spatial opportunities once you remove the bathtub if you live in a house with a smaller bathroom, like a mobile home.

Easier Access

Another reason why shower stalls are better than bathtubs is because they’re traditionally much more accessible for those who have trouble moving around. The lower rim of a shower stall is much easier to step over than a bathtub’s rim. The shower stalls’ limited space also makes it easier to install accessible handrails and grab bars. Shower stalls are also ideal for putting in a seat or slip-proof tiles to make the stall safer and easier to use.

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