Why You Should Use Cotton Sheets Over Other Fabrics

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Why You Should Use Cotton Sheets Over Other Fabrics

Cotton is an exceptional fabric in several ways, but it’s especially useful regarding sheets. Cotton has many benefits, from its breathability to its texture and hypoallergenic nature. So what do you do when facing all the other options on the market, including bamboo, silk, and linen? If you’re confused, we have you covered. Check out our short overview of why you should use cotton sheets over other fabrics below. 

They’re Breathable

Breathability should be one of the top things you look for regarding your sheets, and there aren’t too many contenders regarding the breathability you find with cotton. When you choose cotton sheets, you can bet that you’ll be comfortable no matter the temperature outside. For instance, if you live in a hot climate or during summer months, silk sheets aren’t the ideal choice. Warm sleepers will find them uncomfortable because they retain a lot of heat. However, cotton keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer, making it good if you want to stay comfortable regardless of the season or temperature level within your home. This is a key reason for using cotton sheets over other fabrics. 

They’re Moisture Wicking

Even though cotton’s certainly breathable, it’s still possible for you to wake up sweating for whatever reason. If this is the case, you’ll be happy to know that cotton sheets are moisture wicking. They’re far more likely not to hold sweat-associated bacteria. Despite cotton sheets’ moisture-wicking nature, they’ll also come out of the washer and dryer without spots and grime. This is because the fabric causes dirt to fall off easily. As a result, your sheets will come out cleaner than other kinds of materials. 

They Can Help Improve Sleep

The wrong bedding can prevent sound sleep. We can’t deny that cotton sheets are comfortable enough to positively influence sound sleep and mental health. We should note that these things are strongly correlated. If your sheets are scratchy, too warm, or not warm enough, you likely won’t get any sleep. This is why we recommend cotton sheets over all other fabrics. They’re soft enough that they won’t impede a good night’s sleep. When you sleep well, your mental health improves, and your days run much smoother as well. 

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