Youth Sports hosts successful cookout

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The Lake County Youth Sports Foundation had an amazing turnout this past Sunday at their cookout!

“We received overwhelming support today! We sold out of everything! 108 chicken leg quarters, 50 pounds of BBQ Bologna, a few hundred hotdogs and burgers, all the chips, drinks, cakes, and baked goods! The support from our community has left us speechless! Our foundation is so excited to announce that we have reached our goal, according to Justin Chen. We raised $3500 to order a brand new set of 60 jerseys and matching integrated football pants for our Junior Falcons! We apologize for the wait times for your food, and appreciate you being patient with us! Our kids are going to be so happy when they see the new jerseys and we know it’s going to make them feel so proud to step onto the field to represent us! I cannot express enough gratitude to all of you who came out, donated stuff, bought drinks and chips, made cakes, baked treats, and especially those who donated their time! This was a great day! And a huge sign of things to come for little old Lake County! God Bless you all!”

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